Thursday, March 01, 2007

I always knew I love...violent summers!

You're The Guns of August!

by Barbara Tuchman

Though you're interested in war, what you really want to know is what
causes war. You're out to expose imperialism, militarism, and nationalism for what they
really are. Nevertheless, you're always living in the past and have a hard time dealing
with what's going on today. You're also far more focused on Europe than anywhere else in
the world. A fitting motto for you might be "Guns do kill, but so can

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Îi scriam mai devreme Hiacintei ceva despre "my inner shrink"... ei bine, ăsta are şi tendinţe auto-analistice, din lipsa de subiecţi... Astfel încât, stârnită fiindu-mi curiozitatea şi de către duduca Zaza, iacă-tă de poftim concluzie....

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